Alula Design Award


Who can participate in the AIUla Design Award?

AlUla Design Award is open to all designers, artists, artisans, and creatives interested in participating. Local, regional and international participants are all welcome. Participants must be aged 18+.

What is the deadline for design submissions?

The deadline for submissions is XXXX, no later than XXX (time).

Can I make changes to the submission after registration is completed?

Any changes to designs cannot be amended once the design has been submitted. If you are facing any challenges with submission, please refer to the submission guidelines in our Terms & Conditions page or email

Is there a cost for participation?

Yes, the registration fee is SAR 200.

Can I submit multiple proposals?

Yes, applicants are welcome to submit multiple designs/proposals, up to a maximum of 10 submissions per entrant.

Who are the judges?

Our esteemed Jury is composed of leaders from across the art and design industry. Learn more about them here (link)

What is the evaluation process with the jury panel?

The Jury evaluates submissions based upon the following criteria:

• Clarity of Inspiration: This includes the standard of detail in content, concept & moodboard; product exclusivity; product is innovative, high quality, and in dialogue with the spirit of AlUla.

• Demonstration of Individual Style: This implies the potential of the product, the utilisation of the techniques and the
evidence of high-level brainstorming and research for a new, original design.

• Quality of Design: This will be judged based on the material selected, the product concept, and the fulfilment of all requirements.

• Practicality: The product must meet segment price requirements based on the Terms & Conditions of this Award.

• Emotional Impact: The product concept must be conscious of it offer the user an experience beyond the practical purpose of it; it should add a positive value to the user and benefit the culture, environment and society in some way[LEC1] .

My design was published, showcased and/or won previously in another competition. Can I submit the same product again?

No. Based upon the criteria, designers are not allowed to submit any previously published or produced work. The purpose of the competition is for designers to conceptualise a product inspired by the art, culture and heritage of AIUla.

Can I apply for multiple categories?

Yes, the applicant can register in any of the following categories/sub-categories: 

• Jewellery: Anklets, bracelets, brooches, clasps, cufflinks, earrings, hair accessories, luxury jewellery, necklaces and pendants, pins, rings, & other.

• Footwear: Athletic, slippers, slip-ons, home slippers, ballet flats, cap-toe oxfords, mules, loafers, sandals & other.

• Clothing: Blazer, formal pants, jeans, tops, shirts, ties, skirts, shawls and wraps, abaya, thoub, loungewear, sweaters, jackets, suits, dresses, Farwas & other.

• Homeware Accessories: Bottles, bowls, ceramics, coffee pots, cutlery sets, dishes, glasses, salt and spice cellars, special cutlery, table decorations, table textiles, teapots and tea sets, thermos flasks, travel mugs, vases, candles, incense & others.

• Leather Goods: Travel bag, travel pouch, wallet or card holder, key chain, cosmetic bag, cross body bag, tote bag, belt, mobile case, camera strap, gloves & other.

• Leisure, Stationary and Trivia[LEC2] : Prescription glasses, sports glasses, sunglasses, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, planners and calendars, chess board, praying mat, games, office supplies, stationery, packaging & other.

What are the rewards for winning?

• Recognition Award

• Invitation to the Award Ceremony

• RCU to purchase stock of the winning designs for Retail & VIP Gifting (a set cash prize that is allocated to the production of the items and purchase of VIP gifts).

• ADA logo on winner packaging

• Design, product and designer highlighted through communication channels