AlUla Design Award

Raghad Hazzazi

Senior Arts and Cultural Programming Specialist
The Royal Commission for AlUla

Raghad Hazzazi is a Senior Arts and Cultural Programming Specialist at the Royal Commission for AlUla, working with artists, designers, curators and communities to deliver exceptional arts and cultural programmes, collections and experiences.


With a background in museum and art curation, Raghad has been at the forefront of developing the technical and curatorial infrastructures for AlUla’s collections, and has shaped the partnerships and programmes for Madrasat Addeera, AlUla’s first art and design centre that connects the traditional arts to contemporary artisan practice. She has been a juror for a partnership programme with Piaget, where local people were mentored to create jewelry inspired by AlUla’s heritage, art and nature. She is currently delivering major arts and creativity exhibitions and initiatives that further AlUla’s role as a pivot of cultural enrichment and activity.