Alula Design Award

Arabian Leopard Sculpture Set

This set of 3 minimalist sculptures captures the endangered Arabian leopard’s beauty and grace. Designed in different sizes, they symbolise the unity of family and the need to preserve nature for future generations. Representing the father, mother, and cub, these high-quality sculptures make a meaningful addition to any space, reminding children and adults of the significance of protecting the environment and its creatures.

Abdulla Binhindi

Abdulla BinHindi, a Bahraini architect, artist, designer, and toy maker, is the founder of bespoke designer toy brand Toyio and a partner at Shepherd Studio. His 3D conceptual art showcases a distinctive style blending science fiction and surrealism. Bridging narratives and designs, his work reflects his unique perspectives and subjects, garnering recognition from reputable platforms and news outlets like Dezeen, Designboom, and Hypebeast.