Alula Design Award

Book Lithic

The book page holder, inspired by AlUla’s lithics, is a functional handmade art piece honouring the region’s cultural heritage. Carved from polished sandstone, it echoes the ancient stone tools found in AlUla. Its elegant design and comfortable grip make it perfect for one-handed reading, while the red sandstone’s unique patterns and textures evoke the rugged beauty of AlUla’s landscape. Each holder is one-of-a-kind, showcasing natural grain variations.


Rashed AlAraifi

Rashed AlAraifi is a partner at Shepherd Studio. He is an architect, designer, and artist. He believes in the power of visual narrative and tries to use his art as a catalyst to straddle between the lines of painting, drawing, and object design. AlAraifi has won various awards and has participated in numerous exhibitions both locally and at an international level.

Ahmed AlMannai

Ahmed AlMannai is a partner at Shepherd Studio, and a practising architect and designer with an impressive portfolio encompassing product design, spatial design, and architecture. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Interior and Spatial Design from the University of the Arts London and a Master of Architecture from The University for the Creative Arts, he showcases a deep understanding of design strategy and theory. His work has garnered international recognition and awards, solidifying his accomplishments.

Abdulla Binhindi

Abdulla BinHindi, a Bahraini architect, artist, designer, and toy maker, is the founder of bespoke designer toy brand Toyio and a partner at Shepherd Studio. His 3D conceptual art showcases a distinctive style blending science fiction and surrealism. Bridging narratives and designs, his work reflects his unique perspectives and subjects, garnering recognition from reputable platforms and news outlets like Dezeen, Designboom, and Hypebeast.

Hamad AlMannai

Hamad AlMannai, a Bahraini designer and physicist, studied radiation physics and philosophy at Australia’s Wollongong University. His physics work involves accelerating quantum particles and photons for research and medical purposes. Drawing from his science background and passion for architecture and urban design, AlMannai’s design direction centers on objects, product design, and interior design.