Alula Design Award

Steps Clasp

This piece of jewellery is envisioned as a contemporary take on the culture of decoration, gold embroidery, and embellishment in the Kingdom, taking inspiration from the surrounding Salmani Architecture of the region and the historical ancient city of Hegra in AlUla. The steps clasp is a multifunctional distinctive unisex jewellery piece, designed as a clasp to pin on clothing, as well as a pendant to attach to a necklace chain.

Sara Kanoo

Sara Kanoo, a Bahrain-based designer and creative, grew up immersed in art and design through her family’s art space. With her studio, she embraces ‘slow design’ principles and enriches traditional handicrafts with modern elements. Kanoo is passionate about social, cultural, and environmental sustainability, which serves as a significant ethos in her work. Born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Sara studied architectural design in Boston, and her diverse experience in various design fields reinforces her belief that design is universal, regardless of scale.