Alula Design Award


The “Tawa,” or “reflecting chair,” draws inspiration from the captivating AlUla landmarks, where horizons meet stars and skies. This unique creation, crafted for AlUla visitors seeking an immersive observing experience, doubles as a stunning rug. It is crafted using authentic materials, like jute for the rug, supported by water-resistant backing. The chair’s sturdy black powder-coated steel frame, sophisticated armrests, and durable cotton rope elevate the experience of serene surroundings, redefining appreciation for nature.

Shaddah Studio

Founded in 2015 by Watfa Hamidaddin and Deem Alhagbani, Shaddah Studio is a multidisciplinary firm that prioritises aesthetics, culture, and design to foster company growth and connect with people. Embracing a design-led approach with a local touch, they aim to enrich Saudi Arabia by challenging norms, crafting enduring brands, and empowering clients with innovative ideas across various platforms.