Alula Design Award

AlUla Terrains: Dates Serving Set

Inspired by Harrat Khaybar’s fertile soil and renowned palm tree fields, the Dates Serving Set is a stackable volcano-shaped set for serving dates, preserving Saudi hospitality traditions. The bottom container stores dates, while the upper part serves dips typically accompanied by dates. The top cover acts as a small plate for discarding seeds. The set is made from Basaltic stone and/or White stone.


Founded in 2019, Teeb is a Saudi-born, multidisciplinary design and production company. They craft lifestyle products with a design code that combines relevance, purpose and longevity. Their designs are inspired by Arab and Islamic culture and stories, delivering a harmonic combination of heritage and crafts with a distinctively modern and minimal twist. They are one of the winners of the AlUla Design Award | First Edition and are awardees of the Designed in Saudi Stamp by The Ministry of Culture.