Alula Design Award


The ten exceptional finalists emerged, their imaginations ignited by the mesmerising materiality of AlUla. Their designs stand as a testament to the profound influence of AlUla’s natural beauty on their creative endeavours.

Their designs span across various realms, from multi-functional furniture that exudes both elegance and functionality to illuminating lights that breathe life into spaces. As their works continue to reverberate through the design landscape, AlUla’s name becomes synonymous with inspiration and creativity. These finalists stand as a testament to the profound connection between nature’s wonders and the boundless realm of human imagination.

At Paris Design Week, its exhibition celebrates this connection. Showcasing the ten finalists, the AlUla Design Award exhibition reflects the beauty of AlUla’s materiality and its profound influence on creativity. The exhibition captures this essence, bridging the gap between AlUla’s rich heritage and contemporary design, resonating globally. It presents the work of ten finalists, including five winners of the AlUla Design Award. Their creations span across furniture, lighting, fashion, and accessories, showcasing the AlUla aesthetic in modern designs.

Address: Galerie MR21, 21 Rue De Turenne 75003 Le Marais

Exhibition Timings: 8-16 September from 10am-7pm