Alula Design Award

Mohamad Baalbaki x AlJoharah AlRasheed

The concept is inspired by wind. This unseen power shapes our nature, people, lands, stories, and everything around us. Over thousands of years, this power transformed AlUla and enabled human communities to flourish here. It will unfold into different objects that can be gifted or purchased. Each one is meant to trigger a human sense like Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching & Hearing.

Teeb wanted to represent this mystical place uniquely and minimally and tell the story of different civilizations that passed. With a pattern reflecting the sand and the conventions created due to the wind movement, the winners planned to produce the items with relief composed of a series of sinusoidal actions of the milling machine at various frequencies and depths. The result will be an array of carvings expressing asymmetrical and irregular patterns. The Arabic calligraphy reflecting the current civilization is used within the renders to write “نتقدم بلا هوادة” to highlight the human progression idea will be hand-carved to leave a human touch over the objects on teak wood or beech wood.