Alula Design Award

Terms & Conditions


All design submissions are accepted only between [xx] ] and [xx] (GMT +3).

Entries that have not fulfilled all requirements will not be accepted.

All entries will be judged against a matrix and judged based on the information, images and supporting documents required as per the submission protocol. The ADA and Jury may disqualify any entries based upon failure to complete the required criteria, submitted format, or any uncertainty on the accuracy or integrity of the submission.

All entries must be submitted digitally via the appointed portal. Entries submitted via email, post or any other format will not be accepted.

The registration fee for AlUla Design Award is mandatory for submitting applications. Payment for design submissions must be done online via PayPal only. AlUla Design Awards will not accept any other form of payment.

The competition accepts entries from any corporation, group or individual that meets the age requirement of 18+, regardless of their nationality, education level or occupation.

The participants have the full responsibility to ensure that any content submitted or provided to AlUla Design Award are his (or) her own work.

The Organisers have the right to refuse the entry of certain products into the competition.

The designs submitted cannot exceed the following measurements & criteria:

The design submission must be exclusive to AlUla Design Award.

The participants may cancel their registration in writing without giving reasons within 3 days of applying. However the registration fee cannot be refunded upon submission of the application.

WeightProduct PackagingRetail Price
Premium Retail & VIP Gifts, all categories:Items should be travel-friendly, Recommended sizes:VIP Gifts & Premium Retail, all categories:
Recommended: 1- 1.5 Kg
Maximum: 2.5 Kg
VIP Gifting Delicate Packaging
25 cm L x 8 cm W x 25 cm H
Product Retail Prices to not exceeded:
Commercial Packaging
35 cm L x 10 cm W x 25 cm H
Commercial Retail:
SAR 0 -1,000
VIP: SAR 2,000-5,000
Publicity & Copyright

All applicants and entrants who represent studios, collectives, or companies, must confirm they have obtained the authorisation to enter the AlUla Design Award on behalf of their respective company/collective.

By entering the AlUla Design Award, applicants give AlUla Design Award and its associated companies, sponsors, and their representatives permission to publish, exhibit, and promote the content of the submission (without revealing any sensitive information if applicable).

All applicants confirm that their entries do not infringe on any copyright, intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights or anything similar.

All applicants agree to indemnify and hold harmless AlUla Design Award, its sponsors and associated companies from any liability relating to confidentiality, intellectual property or similar issues that may be raised by any party.

Selected shortlisted finalists may be required to submit additional material for any exhibition, award, publications, and any necessary marketing material. Additional material might include photography, drawings, additional specifications, etc.

All applicants agree that AlUla Design Award, sponsors and its associated companies and representatives have the right to reproduce materials in conjunction with the promotion of AlUla Design Award and its associated events and platforms without payment of release or licensing fees or any holder of publication rights or copyright.

AlUla Design Award will not release any sensitive information regarding any project submitted including but limited to project budgets.

AlUla Design Award and its associated companies and representatives reserve the right to cancel or amend the award at any time upon its sole discretion.

AlUla Design Award will not be liable to any applicant or any other party for any consequential losses (Including but not limited to loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of revenue, or loss or damage to data or information) arising in connection with the Award.

AlUla Design Award will not be liable for any failure to meet its obligations with regard to the Award if it is prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.